so i took a selca and it looks really bad i know, but i spent 10 hours at university so please don’t judge me. also i took this selca with lumpy space princess so yeah, it’s cool. 

have a nice evening! ~ ♥

make me choose: on and on era n or hyuk
↳ asked by savingn

"There is nothing N-hyung can’t do." - Ken; "Because of N-hyung, I am who I am today." - Hongbin

……….are you serious

i have to download like 34098597843 videos of bts. but i’ll do this for you, just give me some time and maybe more fluff with zelo.

love ya <3

Thanks Taehyung


Sakura - 桜 by Toshiuki on Flickr.

leobin @ sbs gayo daejun ヽ(゜▽゜)ノ

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